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Date of birth:11 March 1986
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Age:31 years
Lives in:Tegucigalpa
Language:Spanish and English
Height:1.56m (5ft 2in)
Weight:52kg (116lb)

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I would like to describe myself as genuine, practical, honest, respectful ,considerate, appreciative, cautious, great sense of humor, and loving. I give my 100%, open minded, adaptable, helpful, committed. I know my worth. I would like a guy taller than me, 31 - 45 years old, non-smoker, health-conscious, respectful, kind, protective, mature, understanding, appreciative, fair, patient, honest, loving, committed, have his priorities clear. Know how I would fit into his life so we can have a healthy relationship and realize the value I would add. And for us as a couple, to remember we will not always have control over the circumstances in our lives but, if we can support each other and not turn against one another we can make it.

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