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Amor-Pick up

If you like we can pick you up or take you to the airport or hotel in the city where you arrive. If possible, it is nice to have the Latin Lady you choose come to meet and welcome you.

Prices will depend on the route we have to follow.
Some possible routes:

  • Siguatepeque San Pedro Sula Siguatepeque: $398
  • Siguatepeque Tegucigalpa Siguatepeque: $398
  • Siguatepeque Comayagua San Pedro Sula Comayagua Siguatepeque: $470
  • Siguatepeque Comayagua Tegucigalpa Comayagua Siguatepeque: $460

These rates are within hours for pick up from 08:00 until 16:00. If you have another arrival time or destination you can ask for a quote with the form on the bottom of this page.

Also we can arrange other trips within Honduras. See Honduras for some possibilities and ideas. Contact us with your wishes and then we can make you an offer.


Transportation within Honduras

Some places in Honduras can be visited by bus. This is rather cheap. Some companies have modern buses; others use old American school buses. Some knowledge of the Spanish language will be helpful. Within the cities there are also buses but we recommend to use taxies. Prices will depend on which city you are in. A taxi-trip in San Pedro Sula will cost you about 3 until 6 Dollars. At the airport it is possible that they charge double. In smaller cities like Siguatepeque or Comayagua it is possible to reach most places for 2 or 3 Dollars. In smaller towns there are no taxies available. Late in the evening it can be difficult to find a taxi and charges can be double.

It is possible to use car rental companies in Honduras. Be sure about the quoted rates. In most cases they do not include many extra costs. Sometimes besides the price a day you will be charged also per kilometer / mile. You must have a credit card and a minimum age of 25 years. Please be sure to check the vehicle very thoroughly before renting it so small damage claims are not added to your bill.

In Honduras the most practical vehicle is a high, strong 4-wheeldrive car. This is because some roads are in bad condition and there are also many unpaved roads. As with most countries of the Latin Girls, Honduras is also mountainous country. With a vehicle like that you can easily visit a national park, go to the mountains or reach your destination on unpaved roads. 

Amor-Pick up

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