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Name:Maria Elena
Date of birth:29 April 1986
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Age: 32 years
Lives in:Lima
Language:Spanish and little English
Height:1.63m (5ft 4in)
Weight:53kg (118lb)

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I like music, art, sports, I love to dream, to be positive and practical. Sometimes I'm not as strong as I show, but as I fall I get up so I do not have anyone to help me. I like the right things, I am one of thoose who believe in the moment not wasting it, although I like to remember those moments that made me happy and I am grateful to meet people that gave me happiness. I am vulnerable and I suppose that in my zodiac sign, although I do not believe in that, it says a lot about my character, if I start a relationship. I like to be faithful and I would not tolerate being deceived, life has made me distrustful. I do not usually show myself as I am, only until I feel confident enough. I love chocolate and ceviche, I really like classical music, rock, pop, Gregorian, salsa, bachatas and others in accept reggaeton, science fiction and adventure films, I like to be friends with whoever wants to be, even though I love to be solitary and not very social but I like to have fun with the people I love the most. I am rather a homebody, I enjoy resting at home watching movies, listening to music, I like the sea, the dolphins. I have strong character although at this point in my life I have learned to control myself and act in a prudent manner. I am somewhat complicated and well, it's just me

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