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Personal introduction

Personal introduction in Honduras

You have always the freedom to meet a lady on your own initiative but if you wish we will be happy to help you with this.

Our way of working ensures you individual attention and guidance to form the basis for a relationship. The most important is the service of the owner of the agency. With her more than 14 years of experience, her supreme social qualities which has been proven time and time again to be the main key to a successful start of a relationship between a couple. She has a talent for making people feel comfortable and at ease with good humor, first class attention, and charm for bringing people together and quickly getting beyond the stress of the first meeting. She knows personally most girls on the site in Honduras and they trust her. That is extremely important, trust.

The girls are looking for true love and a serious relationship. We only accept someone for the personal introduction when he's really looking for a serious relationship and we are confident that with our service you will find it.

We do not plan ahead to meet several ladies, we sincerely believe and our experience has proven that the chances of a successful relationship is much bigger if you focus on one girl, this is because she and her and her family would take you much more serious, but if the meeting for some reason is not working out as expected, then we can always help at this time to introduce you to another girl. This can be repeated until successful.



On the next videos we give you some small impressions. We can of course visit much more places  depending of your wishes.

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Beatiful Honduras   Honduras impressions



The rates for our personal support

1 full day of personal assistance: $390
2 days: $600
3 days: $800
4 days: $990
5 days: $1170

A translator is possible for $70 extra per day.
Travel expenses, hotel, meals etc. etc. are not included in these rates.

In case you wish more days of service please contact us for a price quote.

For a all-inclusive service such as travel, hotels, meals etc. etc. please contact us with your wishes and we make an offer for you.



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