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- Anti Scam Advice - Anti Scam Advice- Anti Scam Advice-

If you are using other dating agencies or used other dating agencies in the past you should be aware that 99.9% of the scammers are men using pictures of women.
On other sites you should ask yourself always, "Am I really communicating with the person they are wanting to make believe I am communicating?"

Our site is different and better because on our dating service, we met the most of the girls in person so we can guarantee that she is the girl from the profile. We prove that with many pictures and videos we personally take. Like that we eliminate already 99.9% of the scam risk. Besides that we have a big gamma of other regulations to control the risk of scam.

- Anti Scam Guarantee - Anti Scam Guarantee - Anti Scam Guarantee -

Dear visitor,

We are very confident that you can date the women on our site safely, without being the victim of a scam, thatís why we can give you this very unique guarantee:

In the case you are the proven victim of a scam solely intended for financial win, before meeting that person personally, of a contact initiated through a profile on then the Amor Si dating agency will respond for 100% for the financial loss this caused you.

If you want to make use of this guarantee then we require you to notify us, wait for and follow our advice before you make any costs which you could claim referring to this guarantee.

We wish you happy and safe dating with


The AmorSi Team