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On this page we have posted a personal testimonial of just one of many satisfied members of the Amor Si dating service.
Not because we asked for it but just because he was so kind to offer it.
We are sure he will be very successful at his quest to find that special lady.

"I just want to thank you for your fast and efficient service. Iím very impressed!

A person never knows when he contacts a foreign service if his money will be well spent, or his communication will even get forwarded at all. Basically, you go on blind faith.

Well, I signed up for your basic service and picked eleven women I thought were age appropriate for me and whose looks I liked. I heard from three different women within two days of my writing them. This just showed me that not only did you make sure my messages were delivered, but that you did it at an amazingly fast speed. It shows tremendous professionalism on the part of your service, and I commend you for it.

Right now I can say itís very exciting, especially as I may get more replies. And the cost was so reasonable and the service so efficient, that I will probably go ahead and place a local newspaper ad, as you suggest, if my first small batch of candidates doesnít go anywhere.

Anyway, itís definitely already an adventure, and I want to thank you once again for your professionalism. Not only that, but when I contacted you by e-mail you replied immediately.

Thanks again for your great service, and I look forward to continuing this adventure until I find a sweet and beautiful woman!"

happy customer Sincerely,

D. M.

Miami, Florida


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