Date of birth:3-6-1989
Lives in:Milton Keynes
Country:United Kingdom
Language:Spanish, some English and German
Height:1.60m (5ft 3in)
Weight:56kg (125lb)
Profile number:89288

I am a woman who knows what she wants. I consider myself: Intelligent, sincere, passionate, outgoing, educated, respectful, sensitive, humble, orderly, with little patience (depending on the circumstances), punctual, friendly, and resourceful. My unpleasant side would be: That I get angry easily, I don't have much patience, I am strong-willed, I am dominant, when I want something to be “perfect”, it should be done as I say, literally. I am a little perfectionist, very detailed. I am dyslexic. I think it is good to let people know that you can meet, just as you really are. The things I love are: nature, animals, I love dancing and listening to loud music, I like to cook (I don't always feel like it), I am good with desserts, I am good at drawing. I like countries with 4 seasons. I like the beach (I don't know how to swim). I like to stay in shape (gym or dance classes). Considered with the physical aspect is not "everything" but it is important for me, that the person who decides to be with me, take care of his health: what to eat and drink. I don't like to be told what I have to do. I prefer not a macho, jealous, controlling, and aggressive man.




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